Andrew McLean

Age: 25

Occupation: Computer Game Designer


.            When I looked at Andrew, I saw words like Rakish, Handsome, Charming. I saw longish blond hair, a brown leather jacket, the line of stubble on his jaw. I saw a guy who paid for everything with his Visa gold card, who went on local TV shows to give interviews about his success as a young entrepreneur. A guy who, despite all that, had a hollow space inside him that needed me.

            I knew this was not what my mom saw when she looked at Andrew. She saw Dangerous. She saw Unreliable. She saw Bad Boy, although technically that's two words.

            To be fair, I saw those labels too. I’d be lying if I said they weren’t part of the appeal.


Most people think Success when they first see Andrew McLean. He's the other half-- the public half -- of Serpentyne Games, the company he and Jonathan created in university. Andrew can't wait for his next adventure, and he's pretty sure he's going to find it on the road to California. He's sure enough to convince Jonathan and Megan to come along with him. Jonathan has to come because Serpentyne is nothing without Jonathan. And Megan has to come -- well, just because Andrew likes having her around. Even if he's absolutely, definitely promised himself he will not fall in love with her.

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