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Shelf Esteem is the podcast where I talk to people about what they're reading. It's currently (Feb 2021) on hiatus because of COVID lockdowns, but you can listen to past episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes, and many other podcast platforms. If you've listened and you'd like to get a list of books we talked about in each episode, go the the Shelf Esteem blog.

A Roll of the Bones


Breakwater Books, 2019

In 1610, John Guy established a small colony in Cupids, Newfoundland, on the very edge of a world unknown to Europeans. Two years later, he brought a shipment of supplies to his all-male settlement: 60 goats, 10 heifers, 2 bulls, and 16 women. A Roll of the Bones tells the story of some of these nameless women by tracing the journeys of three young people—Ned Perry, Nancy Ellis, and Kathryn Gale—who leave Bristol, England, for a life in the struggling community. 

Prone to Wander

Strident Books, 2019

Jeff Evans never believed that your life flashes before your eyes before you die. But now, with a tractor-trailer heading towards his car on the wrong side of the highway, he realizes there might be something to that after all.

Prone to Wander is a poignant story about childhood friends reuniting in mid-life, trying to make sense of the faith that grounded them, the friendship that unites them, and the wildly diverse lives they've lived in the last twenty-five years.

“Think you know the history of New Found Lande? Think again. Morgan-Cole cracks open the past and lights it up. The women settlers of Cupids—a 'parcel of females'—star in a gripping story of identity, class, sexism, colonialism, and outright survival. A refreshing and fascinating look at a neglected side of Newfoundland’s history—the experience of women.” – Michelle Butler Hallett, author of This Marlowe.


“Catapulting us back in time to the inception of a brave new world, Trudy Morgan-Cole’s A Roll of the Bones is an immersive, fast-paced tale full of the dangers and thralldom of hacking out a life against the threat of scurvy, unrelenting storms of all sorts, hunger, loneliness, unwanted desires, and the kids of secrets that unleash harrowing consequences. By charging into the lives that history neglected, Morgan-Cole offers her greatest accomplishment to date, with the promise of even more to come.” – Lisa Moore, author of February and Caught



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