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Discussion questions for A Sudden Sun


If you're talking about my novel  A Sudden Sun in your book club, you may want to use some of these questions to get your discussion started. But don't feel limited by them -- often I find discussions go better when the conversation just flows freely rather than following a set list of questions!


You may also want to check out this page for some interesting background information about the history behind the novel. 


1. Before reading this novel, how much did you know about the history the women's movement in Newfoundland? Did you find this aspect of the book interesting or informative?


2. Whose story did you find more engaging -- Lily's or Grace's? Why? What parallels did you see between mother and daughter? How are they different?


3. Why do you think the author chose to set part of the story in William Coaker's "model town" or Port Union? What does this location contribute to the story?


4. Does Lily make the right choice by marrying the Reverend rather than going to David in New York when she becomes pregnant? What about when she runs away to Halifax and asks the Reverend to come get her? What do these choices tell us about Lily?


5. The older Lily is a very different woman from the young Lily. Did you find the changes in her believable, given the experiences she has been through?


6. Is Grace likely to have a happier life than her mother had? Why or why not?


7. Why do you think Lily goes to see Jessie Ohman at the end of the novel? Were you surprised by this ending? Did you find it believable?


8. David Reid tells Grace, "I've come to think living the kind of life you want is more important than being with the person you love." Do you think he's right or wrong about that? Why?



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